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View Diary: Christie's Feb 1, 2014 Email Proves GOP Nicolle Wallace, Joe Scarborough & Mika are Freakin Hacks (103 comments)

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    What is "after the fact"?  I don't interpret that as Christie did not ever learn, during the five days between September 9 and September 13, that some lanes were closed on the bridge.  

    To me, "after the fact" means after either (1) the decision to close the lanes; or (2) the actual act of closing lanes that occurred at some time prior to 8:32 a.m. on September 9.  If Wildstein has evidence that Christie knew about either of THOSE while they were happening, yes, he's a liar and in deep trouble.

    If all Wildstein has is that at some point during those five days, but after the fact (after the lanes were closed on the morning of September 9) Christie heard that some lanes were closed, causing traffic jams (wasn't it reported on the local news during that time -- like on morning traffic updates?) this is nothing.  

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