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View Diary: Right-Wing Lie of the Week: New Jersey's "101.8% Tax" on Peyton Manning's Super Bowl Pay (125 comments)

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  •  The Broncos played the Giants last Fall in the (2+ / 0-)
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    fenway49, thanatokephaloides

    Meadowlands as well, so whether he was taxed for this past football season or the upcoming one, he'd probably get taxed for the same dollar amount.

    I was surprised to hear that his taxes wouldn't all be paid to Colorado since that's where his employer is based and since it wasn't his choice for where his work assignment took him.  Well, I'm sure he would have still gone to work there, but I guess New Jersey just wants their money somehow.  What a nightmare to be doing the taxes for sports figures, entertainers and whoever else that law covers, as they have lots of jurisdictions.  

    Still, Peyton wasn't paid by the Meadowlands to come play there, as, for example, Bruce Springsteen would be paid for concerts there.  He's being paid from his home team in Colorado.  Or is he considered to be paid by the NFL for this game rather than the Broncos?  Even if he were paid by the NFL, last fall vs. the Giants or this coming fall vs. the Jets seems to me to be a situation where the League should be responsible for the difference in taxes because the League is responsible for determining where the teams play.  If the league sent the Broncos to play Dallas and Houston for all their away games, it would work out in his favor.  Come to think of it, they did play there this last year, so it might make up for his tax bill from New Jersey.

    •  He did the work in NJ (2+ / 0-)
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      thanatokephaloides, Sparhawk

      So NJ does want the money. There was an article in the local paper here (Boston) about this a while back. It is a very complicated thing.

      It's a nationwide league and part of being in it, to my mind, is that you'll have to do your job in different jurisdictions. The NFL gets a huge amount of its revenue (TV and otherwise) from fans in places like NY, NJ, MD, New England, CA, MN that have relatively high state tax rates. Denver might not have $15 million to spend on a QB without that revenue. All in all, NFL stars are not getting screwed here.

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      by fenway49 on Mon Feb 03, 2014 at 01:25:07 PM PST

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