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View Diary: Guttmacher: Abortion at lowest rate since Roe v. Wade ruling. And not because of draconian new laws (107 comments)

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  •  One, Planned Parenthood is not (1+ / 0-)
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    a corporation, it's a not-for-profit.

    Two, no government funds go to Planned Parenthood for abortion.

    Three, why the "God forbid" over abortion clinics?  It is a legal activity the last time I checked and it makes sense to offer it as part of an array of women's health services.

    Four, how is Planned Parenthood impinging on anyone's religious freedom by providing privately-funded abortion services?  If your religion forbids you to get an abortion, don't get one.  No one, including Planned Parenthood, is forcing you to.

    These religious wing-nuts need to learn that just because something exists that they don't approve of morally and someone (not them) has the legal right to engage in the practice, it's not an attack on their religious freedom.  There is no Constitutionally protected right to force your religious beliefs on someone else.  

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