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View Diary: Obamacare website glitches still causing heartburn (86 comments)

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  •  Well, here's the thing, it was clear that (0+ / 0-)

    people were having problems navigating the website from the first week.  Regardless of whether or not creating a workforce of people who could help to assist with problems made sense at the time for specific reasons, it was clear (at least to me) that a parallel paper-based, human driven system would probably be smart to set up at least for the short term to get through the time when fixes needed to be made to the website.  And going back to the thousands of different plans and who knows how many unique potential outcomes, it would be surprising if there was not a need for assistance and adjustments.  Not to have anticipated that need is just totally shocking to me.

    The article says that there are 22,000 appeals right now.  But how do those people know that they are entitled to an appeal?  How many people don't know that they are entitled to an appeal or adjustment?  If nothing else getting right to the task of analyzing what went wrong in these cases would be top priority to me - what if those 22,000 are representative of many others who just aren't aware of an error?  What in the experience flow chart is not set up properly that would yield these results?  Isn't that at its core the root of "fixing" the website?

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