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View Diary: It's Like The Middle East's Borders Were Drawn By Europeans With No Idea What They Were Dividing Up (16 comments)

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  •  same with Africa... (4+ / 0-)

    the borders were all drawn in European capitals.

    "It's almost as if we're watching Mitt Romney on Safari in his own country." -- Jonathan Capeheart

    by JackND on Mon Feb 03, 2014 at 10:28:24 AM PST

    •  The current tribal violence is a direct result (3+ / 0-)

      18th and 19th century princes and monarchs divided up Africa into colonies without regard to the tribal makeup of peoples living there. When the colonial era ended last century, those original borders were used to define the newly independent countries enshrining the artificial divisions created decades before.

      The on going violence we see throughout Africa is a direct result. Tribal enmity is so ingrained in too many countries that reconciliation may be decades from happening.

      The immense wealth in minerals is not helping the situation. The leaders of dominant tribal factions tend to secure the contracts and reap the wealth exacerbating the enmity with rival tribes.

      A cultural change that emphasizes we over me and we are all in this together is what will make the difference. Sadly, here in the United States, we are trending in the opposite direction.

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