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  •  True Volunteer Depts (4+ / 0-)

    It wasn't to long ago there was a thread that discussed this exact same issue. Here goes, Of the 69% of Depts that are considered Volunteer are actually NOT technically Volunteer's because they receive some type of Pay. I am one of those Volunteer's who isn't a Volunteer because I get Paid per Call or so I have been told. To give some insight, There are Dept's. that the FF receive NOTHING, There are those like Me that get Paid per call, The Duration may Vary btw, And there are Paid on Premise, Those POP are in my View the only ones who could come close to the Hours. The other types mentioned do not work shifts. Also, I am covered by the City while I am on a Call or doing any Official Dept. training. Now whether I am a Volunteer or Not, I do know that I am a Fireman that passed both School and State testing along with other Classes on My own time. Lastly, Change the damn batteries in your CO, Smoke Detector!!

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