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View Diary: The Best Piece I've Read on the Whole Woody Allen Thing (133 comments)

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    I followed the link to that Vanity Fair article from 1992. One thing that struck me is that Woody Allen thought psychotherapy was great, and insisted that the kids have therapists.

    I wondered if Woody Allen consented to his therapist testifying in the custody hearing, and fully disclosing what Allen had told him about his relationship with his children.

    The allegation was that there was a particularly serious incident, but that it had been preceded by a father-daughter relationship, over many months, that would raise some questions.

    For that matter, the child had a therapist, even at that young age. Did both parents consent to that therapist testifying as to what the child told her (or him)?

    I had no idea whether the therapists were brought into the custody case.

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