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View Diary: The Best Piece I've Read on the Whole Woody Allen Thing (133 comments)

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  •  Sun Yi was not Allen's adopted daughter. (2+ / 0-)
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    OldDragon, Zornorph

    She was Previn's adopted daughter.

    Personally, I thought that the comments made about her by the Farrow clan that is still in tact in the Vanity Fair article this past Fall were really cruel and heartless, if they really believed that she was a victim of Allen's manipulations.  They portrayed her as some sort of dangerous sociopath.  There was something about that part of the article in particular that really made me question the Farrow camp's credibility.  Especially since the article was written by a close friend and advocate of Farrow's.  If she had overstated their sentiments, I find it difficult to believe that that writer would not have pulled back or rewritten that part of their story had she been asked.  There were several aspects to the article that went in directions that were obviously intended to create sympathy for Farrow, but went just that much too far to read the story as being wholly credible.

    I am sure that there are facts to be found in Farrow's stories, but I am not sure that everything that her camp has put forth is entirely factual.

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