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View Diary: The Best Piece I've Read on the Whole Woody Allen Thing (133 comments)

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    I haven't seen this anywhere else...

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      So this is from the piece written by Robert B. Weide, who is Woody's friend, who did a fawning documentary of him. In which he completely trashes everyone but Allen (while shading the truth just a bit).

      And what are Weide's exact words?

      Moses Farrow, now 36, and an accomplished photographer, has been estranged from Mia for several years. During a recent conversation, he spoke of “finally seeing the reality” of Frog Hollow and used the term “brainwashing” without hesitation. He recently reestablished contact with Allen and is currently enjoying a renewed relationship with him and Soon-Yi.

      Note that he does NOT say, "Moses thinks his sister was brainwashed and that was his explanation."

      Why is Weide playing coy here? He's the guy that was there for the conversation. Do you really think that if Moses had said "yeah, my sister made that shit up because she was brainwashed," Weide wouldn't have printed that? Don't  be naive.

      The words "brainwashing" came up in the conversation, and Weide is using weasel-words to successful establish the meme that "Moses thinks his sister was brainwashed."

      I'd give Weide more of the benefit of the doubt if he wasn't weasel-wording all through his piece. "investigative authorities never found credible evidence to support Mia’s (and Dylan’s) claim," he writes, when the fact is the authorities DID find probably cause to go to trail, but decided not to do so because Dylan was too fragile to be put on the witness stand. that's a VERY different animal. And Weide knows the facts very well.

      Or the way he characterizes the Yale report, as if it were some unimpeachable, exhaustive and conclusive investigation that only fools are question 20 years later... when in fact the Yale doctors came to all their conclusions about Dylan's mental health and reliability without ever actually speaking to Dylan! Which is why the judge had reservations about its reliability.

      If Allen is so innocent, why the weasel words?

      I find the whole thing appalling.

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