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View Diary: Rep. Paul Ryan is a very stupid man (251 comments)

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    Obviously Paul Ryan is too young to be in Congress, if he has no clue about how many Executive Privilege Orders were declared by his own past Republican presidents.  You would EXPECT he could AT LEAST, look something up about our past!  But no!  Obviously he's too LAZY!

    President Obama obviously has many, many more Executive Privileged decisions to make, to come anywhere NEAR the numbers made by some of the Republican "KINGS", as the Teapublicans have been calling him!! He has 316 MORE to make, to equal Eisenhower; 213 more he can make, to equal Reagan; and 123 more, to equal G.W. Bush!  I doubt he'll come anywhere NEAR his competition.  So, the Congressional members, like Paul Ryan, and other critics, who are complaining, calling him names, and threatening, would be wise to get a little more knowledgeable about our history and our Constitution!

    President Obama has used his Executive Privilege LESS than any other president in our recent history, and it’s time he calls an END to the childish Teapublican games, especially in the House. Those un-Americans need to be impeached for  breaking their oaths of office, and  dereliction of duty. They have shown absolutely ZERO concern for the needs of their electorate, playing games with blocking legislation, and accomplishing virtually NOTHING, deserving their lush salaries and benefits!  They have manipulated ONLY their own selfish partisan evils!

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