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  •  Look at who aided and abetted the gerrymander (11+ / 0-)

    Two Democratic members of congress -- Lacy Clay and Manny Cleaver are highly suspected of it because their minions in the legislature voted with the Republicans.  An unfortunate artifact of the Voting Rights Act Amendments of the 1980s if ever there was one (this was the Strom Thurmond poison pill that turned African Americans against whites on redistricting).  One of the defectors, Jamilah Nasheed, justified her vote by saying "I'm black before I'm a Democrat."

    The vote in Missouri locked in a 6-2 GOP Congressional majority and veto-proof margins in both house of the Legislature in what is basically still a 50-50 state.  The sad fact is that a good many African American politicians in Missouri regard holding the seat as the main ambition and any broader goal of influencing the assembly as a whole is secondary.  And I think that's what Thurmond was kind of counting on in 1982 when he hatched his plan to weaken suburban Democrats.

    •  It's this kind of stuff.. (0+ / 0-)

      that angers me when it comes to some current leaders in the African American community. Many prize having a few black legislators over having several more black-friendly, but likely white, legislators.

      It's just yet another example of racial polarization in this country. And it's also another example of how the Democratic Party isn't really a party, but just a collection of loose special interests held together by the desire to not be completely overrun by the Republicans. Meanwhile, the Republicans have maintained a wholly unified caucus since Reagan - at least, until the Tea Party came along and shattered it.

      Seriously, I'll never get tired of praising those lunatics in the Tea Party. They're the only thing that could've united the Democratic Party into one amalgam. And the sad thing is, they actually think we're afraid of them...

      TX-17 (Bill Flores-R), TX Sen-14 (Kirk Watson-D), TX HD-50 (Celia Israel-D)

      by Le Champignon on Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 08:00:41 PM PST

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