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View Diary: Corporate boss can look over your shoulder with a "wearable gadget." (58 comments)

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  •  I think slackers have been sucking up bosses (0+ / 0-)

    the Big Chiefs were in charge of hunter-gatherer societies.  Corporate culture rewards the "nasty, oily, ingratiating types" because they view the business world in terms of "dog-eat-dog," and that the only thing important is to make as much money as you can.  The best way to make as much money, and to quickly climb that corporate ladder, is to suck up to the boss and be that disgusting, immoral, slacker individual which the boss likes.  And who knows, the boss was probably the same "nasty, oily, ingratiating type" of individual when he or she started working for the corporation.  

    Why do corporations have such individuals at the top of the leadership positions, or do they?  If they do, it may be because the business world rewards such winner-take-all, no holds, no mercy type attitude.  These individuals may not have the social morals or intelligence to question such attitudes.  So the same slacker suck-ups continue to get ahead since the ancient time of the Big Chiefs.  

    •  Some bosses are like that. (1+ / 0-)
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      Eric Hopp

      But you generalize too much. Corporations have making money as their primary goal. But for the line manager, the skills most relevant for producing profits are usually things like a positive customer-service attitude, leadership abilities, intelligence, and hard work. Corporations today face heightened regulatory and media scrutiny, so they try to promote people who are honest and hew to compliance rules. All of this makes sense in the name of profit maximization.

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