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View Diary: Coal CEO 'Bob' Murray: "President Barack H. Obama and his radical followers and his supporters" (16 comments)

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  •  *Murray* claims to be concerned for miners? (5+ / 0-)
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    I know the names of those Americans whose jobs and family livelihoods are being destroyed
    Shameless and nauseating. This is the operator of the Crandall Canyon mine, whose deliberate violation of standard coal mining safety practices killed nine of those people he claims to be worried about:
    The settlement includes Murray Energy's acceptance of four violations considered "contributory" to two fatal August 2007 mine collapses at Crandall Canyon:

        1. Failure to report a "coal outburst" at the mine four days before the first fatal collapse. "The failure to report this accident," MSHA inspectors wrote, "denied MSHA an opportunity to investigate it and learn that the mining methods provided inadequate protections."

        2. Two failures in March and August of 2007 to revise the mine's roof control plan after "coal outbursts" and bounces" that "caused substantial damage" showed that the plan "was not adequate or suitable for controlling" the movement and falling of rock.

        3. Failure to leave pillars of coal long enough and wide enough to meet safety standards and to hold up the roof of the mine as coal was removed. The pillars "did not provide sufficient strength to withstand stresses," mine inspectors wrote, leading to "sudden and violent failure of the overstressed coal pillars" in the Aug. 6 and Aug. 16 collapses, in which nine miners and rescuers were killed.

    #3 Is MSHA's polite way of saying that the greedy bastard had his miners go back into a already mined area and take out some of the "pillars" of coal that were holding up the "roof" of that section of the mine. The collapse was a tragic demonstration of why you aren't supposed to do that.

    In a just world, he would be in prison for manslaughter. Instead he's pontificating about the President's supposed evil liberal designs.

    F'ing unbelievable.

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