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    coquiero, Glen The Plumber

    Freedom of the Press is a liberty interest because it protects a right to do things; it does not protect or include any "right" to acquire, own or possess any particular consumer product. Whether certain consumer products are needed to exercise the right is incidental and irrelevant; in any event, it's not in the text.

    As with firearms, if the "right" included a "right" to acquire and possess whatever consumer products one wished to use to produce his newspaper, TV show, etc., that "right" would be infringed by, e.g., the price of those products being beyond his capacity to afford them. You pay for property; you don't pay for liberty. Liberty, viz., the existence of liberty, is not dependent on property ownership.

    The "right to keep and bear arms" does the precise opposite; it does specify in the text a particular consumer product (or category of products) that is the subject of the "right," but does not explicitly provide any "right" to do any particular thing, let alone to do any particular thing with that product.

    The Fourth Amendment does not contain the word "home;" it provides a right to be "secure" in one's "persons, houses, papers, and effects". That right is in no way dependent on what, if anything, you "own" or what, if anything, is your "home." As with other liberty interests, owning property or other consumer products is incidental. The "right" exists irrespective of what you own or possess.

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