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  •  You can't "be armed" without arms. (1+ / 0-)
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    "Keep and bear" has nothing to do with commercial transactions; as I said earlier, "keep and bear" does not mean "buy and sell," so this reference to commercial transactions is a non-sequitur. Moreover, commercial transactions are in the realm of contracts, not property.

    "To be armed" is a state of being, yes. So is "to keep and bear arms." Thank you for acknowledging that your previous statement, that "to keep and bear arms" is an "action," was wrong, and also for acknowledging that your previous statement that "the right to keep and bear arms" "fundamentally involve[d]" an "action" was also wrong.

    But "to keep and bear arms" does not mean "to be armed." Those are two different things. The Second Amendment does not say, "the right of the people to be armed". It says, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms". You're either saying that (1) the former and the latter mean the same thing, or (2) they do not mean the same thing, and the Second Amendment means the former even though it says the latter. Either way, you're wrong.

    The right is to be armed, not to have any particular arm.
    I see. So you would agree, then, that outlawing the manufacture or sale of a particular model or category of firearm would not infringe upon the "right to keep and bear arms," so long as there are some firearms available with which a person could "be armed," even if it's not the "particular arm" he wants?

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