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    A Dictionary of the English Language, 1792 edition

    To BEAR. v. a.pret. I bore, or bared

    1. To carry as a burden.
    2. To convey or carry.
    3. To carry as a mark of authority.
    4. To carry as a mark of distinction.
    5. To carry as in show.
    6. To carry as in trust.
    7. To support ; to keep from falling.
    8. To keep afloat.
    9. To support with proportionate strength.
    10. To carry in the mind as love, hate.
    11. To endure, as pain, without sinking.
    12. To suffer to undergo.
    13. To permit.
    14. To be capable of ; to admit.
    15. To produce, as fruit.
    16. To bring forth, as a child.
    17. To possess, as power or honour.
    18. To gain ; to win.
    19. To maintain ; to keep up.
    20. To support any thing good or bad.
    21. To exhibit.
    22. To be answerable for.
    23. To supply.
    24. To be the object of.
    25. To behave.
    26. To impel ; to urge ; to push.
    27. To press.
    28. To incite ; to animate.
    29. To bear in hand. To amuse with false pretences; to deceive.
    30. To bear off. To carry away by force.
    31. To bear out To support; to maintain.

    To BEAR. v. n.

    1. To suffer pain.
    2. To be patient.
    3. To be fruitful or prolifick.
    4. To take effect ; to succeed.
    5. To tend ; to be directed to any point.
    6. To act as an impellent.
    7. To act upon.
    8. To be situated with respect to other places.
    9. To bear up. To stand firm without falling.
    10. To bear with To endure an unpleasing thing.

    I don't see "to wage war" or anything resembling same anywhere in there.

    Find me an 18th-century English dictionary or other contemporaneous primary source that includes "to wage war" in the definition of the verb "to bear", and I'll gladly concede your point.

    Thank you and have a nice evening.

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