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View Diary: CBO director: Obamacare won't kill jobs, it'll create them (104 comments)

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    So if you fold a piece a paper into halves, thirds, etc, does it mean you have 'more' paper, just in a more fun size, or do you have the same amount of paper? Hmmmm..... I have seen the direct impact this ACA has at the college I work at and it goes like this; an individual who was once able to work 39.90 or so hours and maybe pick up one small side job now HAS to work two or more jobs. So let us do more math here; more travel time, more gas, more wear and tear on the vehicle, more money possibly spent on eating out and the list goes on. So yep, they are so right, on the working people's backs again they profit! And who says the Repooblicans have the market cornered on slavery? Who do you think started the Klan? All these groups are bent if you think you can believe any corporate owned politician on either side of the aisle is doing a thing for them.

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