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View Diary: The Independence Day Media Massacre. Dkos finally flexes its economic muscle!!! (223 comments)

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    Boycott Fox News! Remove Fox News channel from your TV channel listings. Then the ratings for Fox News channel goes down and their value to advertisers.

    Why remove the Fox News channel? Then they don't get to count your skipping over the channel as a viewer of the program as you click past the channel.

    Boycott their advertisers. Half the country the country dropping Fox News channel will give them a wait up call.

    •  AG...Easy here has an idea (none)
      Focused and to the point.

      Find out who the advertisers are for Fox, and go after them (or someone), not every paper everywhere.

      Refine and focus, and you've got something.

      Say, how do I get me wunna them cool blogger nics?

      by Bob on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 10:20:12 AM PDT

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