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View Diary: The Independence Day Media Massacre. Dkos finally flexes its economic muscle!!! (223 comments)

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  •  Calm down. (4.00)
    It's OK for him to disagree.

    Maybe you should start a website targeting subscriber boycotts and he should start one targeting advertisers. Maybe then we'll see whose idea is more effective. Or hopefully, both will be effective.

    I can see both your point and his. Advertiser boycotts are effective for the reasons he stated. But subscriber boycotts are effective too, because advertisers look at circulation numbers when deciding who to advertise with. I know, because I sell ads myself for my dad's newspaper.

    There's no point in judging his motives just because you disagree with him. I have had my disagreements with him, but we have always done so without being disagreeable.

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