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View Diary: Daily Kos please stop tracking me (107 comments)

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    Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN

    I have one Google account I only use as a subscription base and I'm logged out 99% of the time.

    This diary is useful to discuss the issue (here we are) but I don't think it will result in any immediate changes because:

    (a) site finances dictate ads. Hit the link in my comment elsewhere to view a traffic report for this site and I think you will get the picture, 1.3million + page hits per day is a lot of bandwidth particularly when there are so many LOLcat photos and crap hosted & served. Mods have posted diaries recently to discuss the fact.

    (b) page overhead is pretty friggn big here (and using a VPN sometimes in my case makes it even worse I assure you) but this is also a known problem that has been discussed and (correct me if my memory is faulty) something to be solved in the next release, which is now in the pipeline according to Markos recent Ask Me Anything diary.

    When I inspect the HTML with my console I see several reasons and would just suggest/hope in the next version they streamline the page format and rethink the loading order because it is full of crap and more complex than it needs to be.

    My take on Dkos 4.0 it is was (as is so typical) an overly ambitious project that way over-reached on trying to integrate social features and now needs extensive housekeeping and maybe some simplification.

    No one is coming to save us, the future is in our hands.

    by koNko on Thu Feb 06, 2014 at 09:30:51 AM PST

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