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  •  The numbers are net jobs (6+ / 0-)

    So if someone leaves their job at Giant Nasty Corp to start a cupcake business, that doesn't count one fewer net job. That person still has a job, but now they are working for themselves rather than Giant Nasty.

    But an oddity of the jobs calculation is that while taking care of someone else's children is a job, taking care of your own does not count as a job. So if I work as a cook in a restaurant and pay you to take care of my children, that's two jobs, mine and yours. But if I quit the restaurant job to take care of my own children and let you go, and you take the restaurant job, now we only have the one job between us. Even though exactly the same amount of work is being done.

    •  Does it count as a job when you are starting your (0+ / 0-)

      business yet haven't sold anything? I'm pretty sure that people claim unemployment while starting up a business.

      •  Not sure; think it's a gray area (0+ / 0-)

        It's probably illegal to claim unemployment while actively starting up a business. That is, if I quit my job at Giant Nasty and started buying baking equipment, setting up my bakery, perfecting recipes and so forth, I think it would be illegal for me to collect unemployment. Not to say people don't do that, or there aren't people who are both looking for work and trying to set up a home business at least to bring in some money during their period of unemployment.

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