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View Diary: Has Verizon already violated net neutrality? (44 comments)

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  •  Private VPN (0+ / 0-)

    It's fairly inexpensive to set up a private VPN (and there are plenty of services available online). Once he begins using the VPN, Verizon will have no way of knowing which site he connects to.

    •  can't (1+ / 0-)
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      verizon still see the data flow, just not read it?

      rate of information transfer 7mb or higher over length of time  then block/reduce based on that.

      verizon doesn't have to know specifically what it is.

      Also verizon could see that you using VPN? then tell you that if you want full access to full speed, you have to turn it off.(then they simply add another line to terms of use that says something along lines "high traffic forbidden on VPN because it breaks security features verizon put in place to protect its networks from overload thus under DMCA would be violation for circumventing protections")??

      A-lot like how sites are starting to say that if you do not turn on javascript you can't access their site because they want to be-able to control how you use there site.. like bombard you with advertising.

      •  many businesses (0+ / 0-)

        use a vpn for a variety of reasons. I use one because at times I need to access a secure network to move huge amounts of data. When I had FIOS, my vpn usage was never questioned or throttled. Now I have Comcast - and the same experience.

        Yes, perhaps things will change, but for now the vpn solution is viable.

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