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View Diary: Billionaire Claims That "The 1 Percent Work Harder" Than the 99%. (349 comments)

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  •  Hard work takes a toll on people. (10+ / 0-)

    "Hard work" takes a toll and leaves its mark on people. Some years ago I worked in the same building with a Teamsters clinic and executive offices. You didn't need to look in their wallets to tell apart the guys who drove a truck for 30 years from those who spent 30 years sleazing their way to the corner office. It's hard work to drive a truck. It's hard work to be a plumber, or to do construction. I've never done those but you have only to look and to think and to care. And I know how hard the people work who do jobs where I help a little - CNA's caring for the dementia patients like my mom, school teachers with a class of 30 6-year-olds, housekeeping and landscaping. You work long hours, come home tired, and worry about how you'll survive if something happens and you can't keep going.

    My job requires intellectual skills and experience in things some people consider "hard" - math, science. But what I do is not "hard work." And inheriting wealth or manipulating money? Faugh.

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