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    Hitch kept climbing.  Jasper was tied to him by a short rope and as Hitch climbed Jasper stumbled after him.  Hitch’s legs were longer and Jasper had to make up for that by pushing off the rocks on the trail and swinging his feet farther apart than usual.  It took an enormous toll on his muscles.

    Each time they turned up another zigzag, the air grew thinner and the trail was closer to the edge.  Jasper looked down at the tiny thread like river far below and had a moment of dizziness.  Hitch continued to move upward inexorably.  If Jasper tripped he would be pulled along on his face.  

    Jasper didn’t dare ask to sit down with the heavy pack on his back because he wouldn’t be able to get up again.  Even if his legs let him get up, his mind might refuse.  Jasper had never been so scared in his life.  Not even when ducking Malford’s dripping acid had he been so afraid.

    Any minute now his legs were going to stop working.    

    The pull on the rope was irritating.  Not being able to see the path ahead was discouraging.  The weight of the pack pushed his head down and the rocks that were not quite steps hurt his feet through his boots.  He wasn’t going to make it.  He was going to fail and Malford would win.  Even worse, he would fail Hitch and that hurt his heart.  Hitch deserved better.  He deserved a companion who could keep up.

    One more step.  One more.  One…

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