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View Diary: Green diary rescue: Thousands of protesters fight Keystone XL, coal ash spill taints the Dan River (46 comments)

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  •  Amazing compilation of excellent work this week (2+ / 0-)
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    Meteor Blades, Glen The Plumber

    A Siegel raises two really important points (well.. all lot of good points but these two are a powerful message for those less involved in environmental issues)
    Tom Steyer to SecState John Kerry: Investigate: tainted Keystone XL EIS has fishy smell

    ...while TransCanada’s CEO has asserted that “every” drop of crude would stay in the United States, company officials have refused to testify to this when appearing before Congress. And to this day, TransCanada has refused to explain whether or not the refined oil will be shipped to economic competitors such as China, which has a significant investment in the project.
    And this point:
    The nearly identical nature of the final FEIS to the draft EIS, despite significant, contradictory information coming to light after the draft version was issued. This includes ignoring the realities of tar sands transportation, and estimates that Keystone XL would produce the pollution equivalent of more than 50 coal plants – an amount no serious expert thinks can be meaningfully offset. It also ignores the $30 billion in investment by companies backed by the Chinese government.
    This video has the flavor (maybe its the voice) of the kind one sees from RWNJ ugly - but so is pollution, especially the Keystone pipeline and the future its development represents.


    So this following kind of coverage is spot on - poison being pumped right in peoples homes and childrens schools:
    That spilled coal-washing chemical is still showing up in drinking water of West Virginia schools

    Most everybody, whether involved in environmental issues or not remember Erin Brockovich's fight - and win against the polluters

    I think those two easy to picture points could change a lot of minds about what the Keystone Won't provide with what it Will destroy - and the "Take Americans for suckers" may be vulgar to some people, but it's a lot less vulgar than air pollution that chokes a person.

    Also too:
    that too many corporate hands were tipping the scale on the EIS in favor of Big Oil and against the Erin Brockovich's - us - the little people

    Thx MB for all the work putting this together and all the meticulous reporting by so many.
    I know I'm not an official pundit or anything but geez, it would be nice to hear lot more from the "real MSM pundits" on these issues - telling the truth that is

     - imo

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