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View Diary: Democrats: Stop the war on vaping! (180 comments)

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    You are wrong. As a long-time smoker who plans to emulate the many dozens of people I know who finally kicked the habit using vapor...I need to know that my party is going to make it even more difficult for me.

    And there is no disagreement that vapor is better than real cigs. Harmless? No one is saying that. Is coffee harmless? Pesticides? Sugar? C'mon. Give us a break.

    There is absolutely no way you can prove that ecigs are as harmful as cigarettes or even half as harmful. If you could they'd be off the market now.

    This is a product that invokes tsk tsk tsk in a certain contingent of the anti-smoking population and it is giving Big Tobacco fainting spells. Meanwhile, long time smokers are using them to quit in droves so everyone needs to calm the hell down and let us.

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