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View Diary: Not a good day for Mitch McConnell: Yet another poll shows him trailing (106 comments)

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    NPR is NOT Republican...they simply, like their 'professional' brethren and sistren in the commercial outlets, give insane Republicans way too much 'equal time' to spin lies and propaganda.

    I don't listen to NPR any more, either. I used to. But Diane Rehm had Tony Snow on one too many times for my taste. And every time I break down and tune in on some fine morning, I am sadly un-surprised that they have not learned this Media Whore/Sally Quinn Cocktail Circuit lesson. Republicans LIVE to lie. Allowing them to spread easily de-bunked lies is enough for me to not give them my ear.

    And I just get pissed off--sooner rather than later--and always end up turning the dial "Off" with a snap.

    "I feel a lot safer already."--Emil Sitka

    by DaddyO on Fri Feb 07, 2014 at 08:42:52 AM PST

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      I listened to  morning edition 2009-2012 as a delivery driver, at first under the assumption that NPR was a mostly liberal "middle of the road" outlet that wanted to give the left balance. My experience was the station had far more right than left political and economic opinion, usually questioned the motives of the left politically and way more  often ended  news segments giving the right the last word without questioning it- something like
      " democrats on the hill want to extend unemployment benefits for their constituents but republicans say that extending these benefits would balloon the budget deficit while having no long term positive  effect"

      While Fresh Air is often progressive (when offering any political commentary- which lately seems less often) - the news is overwhelming , if subtly slanted to the right

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