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  •  And on the not so completely opposite side... (8+ / 0-)

    of the spectrum. About two years ago I was picked up near my house for smoking some weed. It was late at night, no one was around, absolutely illegal, say what you will but I wasn't shooting heroin in front of kids or anything.

    Didn't even argue with these rather young undercover cats. You got me. Not good enough. These D-bags precede to give me the riot act, I mean they acted like I was public enemy #1. Said they saw me cop from a dude down the block, never happened, I already had the smoke on me. Getting a bit rough with me, frisking me, lecturing me, acting like a bunch of boy scouts on steroids, sanctimonious pricks. The chick was one of the worst ones, you got to fit in, this is your opportunity to manhandle a dude who can't resist because of some abusive ex, I get it. They were getting each other so worked up, I thought they were going to start high 5'ing each other, it was like they scored a touchdown. It would have been stupid funny if it wasn't weird and happening to me. I still laugh about it, these cats were corny, I mean if you could have been there....just, wow.

    I'm pretty proud of how I handled the whole thing honestly, and this wasn't exactly something I had been through before, first arrest, acted as cool about it as possible. My previous experiences with cops honestly not one complaint other than one other time, again a young blood being overzealous, and that turned into nothing more than some self righteous attitude, dude had nothing on me, and I was free to go.

    But that's not it. I give them what for. You didn't see me cop and you know it, you're a liar and what's that make you, you got me on probably the pettiest charge possible and your a complete liar.

    "Oh, he can go to central booking."
    "Absolutely, you can go to central booking."
    Bunch of other intimidating bs. I know they aren't taking me to Central Booking, this is their last round up before change of shift, they aren't taking me to anywhere other than the 105th all of 5 minutes away, not for some weed.

    Handcuff me, throw me in the back of the van, your hands are behind your back in a purposefully uncomfortable position smashed in with way too many people-not one white kid in a rather mixed neighborhood. Everyone's either black, west indian, latino....they're giving you shit the entire ride, still cheerleading each other, interviewing you, filling out paperwork in the van picking up more cats.

    Now I and anyone who knows my neighborhood, Queens Village, if these cats went on just the opposite side of Braddock Ave. I personally know any number of white boys, some of whom are my friends, getting shit faced right in the street, doing blow at a several bars right on Braddock that everyone knows is happening AND they're actually closer to the 105th precinct.

    Not one white boy in that van. Not one.

    I was arrested, fingerprinted, kept in a cell for several hours - didn't matter that I had ID, they had to run my prints with "Central" for warrants. For real. All of this to get a bench warrant which was a further waste of time as I had to miss a day of work and all the judge does is look at me, says you've got no priors, stay out of trouble for a year, go home. Didn't even pay a fine.

    All of that for what? Totally treated me like PE#1 for what? Arrest me, fingerprint me, keep me in a cell for what amounts to a bench warrant and not even a fine.

    After it was all said and done after the court date I went home and just laughed and got stoned. What I was most upset about wasn't getting arrested, they got me, due process, fine, but the sanctimony, the fact that I knew that they knew that white cats were doing lines 5 blocks from the precinct......and  the complete futility and waste of time, money, man hours....for a bench warrant and no fine.

    LOLZ. And I'm supposed to respect this system and it's authority exactly why?

    You know the best part? Up till then I never had a problem with the police, for real, my brother is a ranking officer in the Army, all my great uncles and both grandfathers served in Korea,  nothing but respect for uniformed men and women. For years me and my mom used to donate to the PBA.

    Used to.

    There will be another Trayvon or Renisha within the week if even that long.....

    "The 5 O"clock whistles on the clink, the whistle won't blow and whatcha think, my papas still in the factory, cause he don't know what time it happens to be."

    by Meurglys on Fri Feb 07, 2014 at 12:07:43 PM PST

    •  Oh and just for the record.... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      One cop was black, one was Latino, only the chick was white.

      The color of their skin isn't the point. I was never trying to paint some over the top picture of boohoo poor little Hispanic me being abused by imperialist white boys. I also admit that they had me dead to rights, they got public enemy#1 all right. Me, the Spanish dude smoking some weed with absolutely no one around. Not the white dudes doing blow at the bar, where quite frankly I know for a fact cops have hung out in the past. 105th handles as far down as South Jamaica, or at least used to, and for a long time had a very bad reputation for being corrupt up the ass.

      They need not be KKK white cops for this to be an example of white privilege. If I had been on the opposite side of Braddock where the houses are nicer and the skin is lighter, they never would have even drove up.

      I could go on. I can't tell you how many times I've been at keggers and house parties in decidedly white neighborhoods in various areas of Queens NY (Fresh Meadows-Bayside-Whitestone-Astoria-the lighter side of Queens Village-parts of Flushing-Franny Lou-Kew Gardens, etc.)  that were completely out of control. Cops roll up, tell you to lower the music, they leave, music goes back uo to 11, packs of coke come back out, end of story. If I was in the hood just having a forty on a stoop bothering no one not being anywhere near as loud with much less dangerous drugs going around, what you think?

      We don't live in the same city son.

      "The 5 O"clock whistles on the clink, the whistle won't blow and whatcha think, my papas still in the factory, cause he don't know what time it happens to be."

      by Meurglys on Fri Feb 07, 2014 at 02:55:16 PM PST

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