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  •  Umm... (7+ / 0-)
    Feminists see rapes and sexual trauma against women as epidemic.
    Well, that's because they are.
    Many women have never forgiven him for the first set of similar allegations twenty years ago
    Not just women. Some of us xy types found it pretty offensive too.
    John Adams, later President, insisted upon granting the British soldiers accused of murder a fair trial and the right to defend themselves in court
    Nobody's calling for Allen to be imprisoned w/o trial. People are being made aware that his behavior around young girls is, at best, untrustworthy. I'm sure a great many colonists said very mean things about said British soldiers. I'm sure that their feelings were hurt. And I'm pretty sure that John Adams didn't give a fuck. Probabley thought a lot of it was pretty funny.

    Yes, people are to be presumed innocent in a US court.

    A newspaper is not a court. A watercooler is not a court.
    A bar-room is not a court room.

    Question- would you want OJ Simpson dating your daughter? I mean, he wasn't convicted... so what's the problem?

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