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View Diary: Flashing Headlights to Warn of Speed Traps Is Protected Speech (132 comments)

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    I think it would make the roads and streets a lot safer. Warning other drivers of traffic enforcement can only make them drive more carefully.

    The thought may occur that drivers will be less careful if they know they're not being watched, and that these kinds of warnings help drivers determine whether they're being watched or not, but that's really not true. You can't count on being warned or expect to be warned, no one is bound or required to warn you, so you're always at risk of being watched and ticketed whenever you're out on the road. Warnings make you drive more safely when you know you're being watched, but they don't justifiably give you more confidence that you're not being watched when you haven't been warned.

    I would also note that making a big sign reading "SPEED TRAP AHEAD," standing by the road and waving it would also be protected speech under the First Amendment.

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