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View Diary: Flashing Headlights to Warn of Speed Traps Is Protected Speech (132 comments)

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  •  Not funny, get them aimed, there are adjusting (0+ / 0-)

    screws for each headlight.
    It's a simple job, you can park in front of a garage door or wall with the lights on and see how the headlights are pointing, then make any needed adjustments with a screwdriver (you get a rough aim, then drive them, and come back and readjust if necessary). The low light beam should illuminate the road surface about 40-70 feet ahead (I'm guessing), and be aimed from the lane center to the right shoulder. The high beams should be mostly straight ahead and slightly left of center; the aim of the highs follow the lows automatically in most designs, but not always.

    And the kind of lights that are behind a clear plastic protective screen/window/cover/whatever get that cover abraded and clouded by road debris and sunlight.
    It is very easy to take some polish, or the products marketed for this purpose, and with a little rubbing and scrubbing on the cover, restore the plastics' transparency so that the light will exit the lamp at full brightness.

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    by Bluefin on Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 01:50:41 PM PST

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