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  •  ECE Teachers (4.00)
    are not even considered "real teachers". I am a sub teacher (also not considered "real" teaching) and have worked in classrooms from ECE to HS. ECE is extremely tough and vitally important. Dealing with the parents alone should be rewarded. Often this is the first time their precious little ones are off in the big world and these moms and dads are scared and need constant reassurance. I know I've been on the parent side too. I respect ECE teachers, but I'm aware they are not considered to be in the same league as "real teachers."
    •  Yes yes yes... (4.00)
      I'm on the board of a parent co-op preschool and every word you say is true!

      Our teacher is paid $16K a year for four hours a day of work for 9 months.  She works more like six hours a day.  She loves the work, is a creative genius who is unbelievably good with children, and has taught preschool for over 20 years.  Half my job is helping her deal with the endlessly micro-managing nervous parents.  They say they love her, but quite a few of them seem to reflexively disrespect her.

      "Virginia Woolf's idea of a room of one's own has never been the place for middle- and working-class women. We work with interruptions." - Ananya Chatterjea

      by sarac on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 07:21:57 AM PDT

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      •  Teachers like yours (4.00)
        are truly gifts. Long story short, my son's first ECE teacher told us (on Christmas yet) that my son was psychiatrically impaired. Needless to say, I lost it. After six months of dragging him around to every specialist she recommended, common sense kicked in and I "quit us" both from this specialist hopping and decided to let the dust settle a bit. His next teacher, when learning about our odyssey, laughed and said something like "YOUR son - he's just a bit willful - he'll "get it" soon enough." And of course, he did. Yes, some early diagnoses of impairment are correct,but ECE teachers are dealing with very vunerable parents - the special teachers do not take that responsibility lightly and should be rewarded.

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