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  •  My Suggestion (4.00)
    Slow the rate of increase for the top and increase starting pay.A teacher reaches top tier(About 70k)pay  in about10 yrs in my town but starts at under 30k.Negotiations always end up with across the board % increase.

    One more thing.Teachers retirement is structured on a 30 yr timetable.Almost every other miuniciple or state worker can retire with 20 yrs (age 55 minimun with 50% pay)or 25 yrs of serevice (60% pay plus health benifits).If teachers and towns could work out a similar retirement program it would benifit all concerned.

    by ctkeith on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 07:35:49 AM PDT

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    •  amen to that... (none)
      Salaries for beginning teachers really need to be a lot higher.  Most teachers who leave the profession leave within the first few years and pay is largely the reason.  If pay for teacher with only a few years of experience was a lot higher, many of those teachers would stay.  This would be especially true for the best teachers, who often have the best opportunities if they leave the profession.
    •  70 K????? (none)
      I have never heard of a teacher's salary getting that high!!! An administrator sure, but a public school teacher?? What state do you live in??? Edwards had a great plan to raise teacher pay in order to raise expectations of the profession. Go Edwards!
      •  I live in CT (none)
        And the top tier for teachers (who have Maters degrees and 10 yrs+ of service is indeed 70k+.I'm not saying they are overpaid what I am saying is teachers starting salary of about 30k is to low and the big raises don't kick in until atfer 5 yrs on the job.

        (I would like to see starting salaries raised to 40K over about a 5 yr priod and the rate of the top tier trimmed below 3%.the average teacher recieved over 6% raise over the last 8 yrs in my town and that widens the gap between top tier and starting salaries.

        by ctkeith on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 08:41:35 PM PDT

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