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    Very informative diary - I teach at the graduate school level, and some factors change quite a lot, but the overall undervaluing of intellect in this country is showing fast.  We want kids to get an education so that they can "make money."  As soon as that's the driving force, we create young people who do not regard knowledge as the same kind of social good.

    My pessimism runs so deep these days - but I have posted before that I think that parents are an underorganized force in this country - and no unified political group represents them.  That said, how many parents want their taxes to rise to attract better teachers?  But I think that's not the choice - serious attention to civil matters would allow parents to identify the misuse of their tax dollars on many levels, and try to redirect toward education.

    But then again, many will argue that they have no time for that.  But I don't buy that - many could turn off the TV and get down to the meeting at town hall.

    •  note that I address this as a political issue (4.00)
      I think that educational issues are the real soft underbelly of the right wing -  most people do not anticipate their children going to other than public schools.  If we can address their fears and their needs, and show how the 'right" -  religious and political -- is out to undermine public schools, there is a real chance that we can put a major obstacle in the intent of those on the right to fully take over the politics of this nation.

      We have to address real concerns that people have, which we will not be able to do accepting the framing the right has put on eudcational issues.  That is why i get so furious with someone like Congressman Miller for buying in to the rhetoric behind NCLB.  Most schools are not "failing miserably."  The rhetoric of "A Nation at Risk" has proven to be totally false, now 22 years after it was issued.  There are inequities in education, most of which are NOT addressed by NCLB - about all it does is require disaggregation of test scores -- but that disaggregation assumes that the issue is race, when in fact it is really economic class, which may or may not correspond with race in some locals.  

      Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH!

      by teacherken on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 07:48:57 AM PDT

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