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  •  I worked for 10 years in corporate America (4.00)
    before teaching. I made more money at my level of experience. Didn't work as hard. Went to the bathroom whenever I wanted. Got yearly bonuses and Holiday bonuses.

    As you mention, it is a far more satisfying life as a teacher. But it is a choice that requires sacrafice not only from me by my family. Resentment of my salary, continual attempts to reduce  my salary, and thoughts that "well, you only work nine months" are insulting.

    If teaching is such an easy gig, why don't more people do it?

    •  I don't think (none)
      that teaching is an easy gig. I think that every profession has its sacrifices. I find teaching's sacrifices more congruent with my personality and more worth it than the ones I was making in corporate America.
    •  Response (none)
      You could ask yourself a similar question.  If it is such a terrible gig, why did you quit your corporate job to become a teacher?

      I'll be honest.  There are days when I yearn to become a teacher and may become one.  I know I will get a pay cut but it would give me a sense of purpose that my current job does not fulfill.

      •  I thought (none)
        about becoming a teacher for a long time before I did it. It is the best move I ever made professionally.
        •  Same here n/t (none)
        •  Was there a lot of competition ? (none)
          I ask that because actually getting hired as a teacher in my state is quite a feat. And few with a Masters degree are even considered.
          For 30 years now, every teaching position that opens in most any school district has roughly 200 candidates applying. I think because we are losing people due to job loss and enrollment is down. Therefore, a lot of teachers are getting laid off.

          It is very, very hard to get a teaching job in a few areas of the country.

          We choose hope over despair; possibilities over problems, optimism over cynicism.-John Edwards

          by wishingwell on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 11:21:15 AM PDT

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          •  I'm in NYC (none)
            so there are a lot of potential jobs. But I've interviewed outside of NYC & I've experienced the feeling that the interviewers already have their candidate & that they are simply going through the motions. Not pleasant.

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