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    There are obviously benefits that attracted her (and others), that they couldn't find in the private sector.  This "woe is me" crap is silly.  They aren't slaves, they chose the profession knowing beforehand what it entails.

    That is most definitely true.  One of the benefits is the satisfaction of educating children. Since some people derive happiness from educating children, it's a not a great logical step to think that they would then be willing to do the job for less than anyone else.  If I'm terrified of 10 year olds, I'll teach but only if you pay me $100,000 a year.  If you love children (not Jackson style) and interact with them well you might be willing do do it for $30,000.

    The problem is worsened, because the people that are willing to do the job for the least amount of pay are probably best suited for the job.

    I imagine that you are going after a non-profit job for the exact reasons that I've quoted you, some righteous sense of giving back to the community.

    I must ask, are you a top student in your class?  How many other top students are pursuing non-profit work (or working as a DA)?  How many poor, talented minorities are doing so?  Because the not-for-profit sector has a difficult time hanging onto talent, just like the teaching sector.

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