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  •  Know that attitude (none)

    I see it a lot in Oregon (my home state), which if anything has more anti-tax whining than New Hampshire.  

    That "why should any government employee live better than any citizen" argument is especially pernicious.

    I recall during the early 1990s recession, a LTE in Portland where a woman said that since she couldn't afford to keep her house heated, it really burned her that her tax dollars were keeping City Hall nice and comfy in the winter.  Why shouldn't city employees have to wear sweaters and hats at work?  What made them so special that they deserved heat?

    A kook obviously -- should they bring they own piss buckets too, so as not to use taxpayer funded toilets? -- but a kook with lots of company.

    •  Ah, yes (4.00)
      I had to stand in line at the courthouse the other day with a typical outraged-beyond-belief pro se litigant who couldn't stop mouthing off about how slow the line was, and how bad the service, and how mad he was that he had to pay taxes to pay these know-nothing clerks.

      I let him know that this was in fact his tax cut at work, and pointed out the four closed windows.  Our last round of budget cuts caused the court to downsize the most experienced court clerks without even enough notice to enable them to train their replacements.  Those two sleepy-eyed blondes he was sneering at were high school graduates doing the work of six college grads, and learning the job as they went along.  

      I didn't mention that maybe if he didn't insult them within earshot, they might not lose his paperwork that time.  There's only just so much lagniappe I'm going to give someone who so clearly loathes the idea of something for nothing.

      "Hit a man with a fish, and he'll have a headache for a day. Teach him to hit himself with a fish, and he'll have headaches all his life!"--Karl Rove

      by AdmiralNaismith on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 11:11:25 AM PDT

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