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  •  this argument (4.00)
    is a distraction from the real issue.  It isn't about "what do I deserve compared to this or that profession?"  We've all made our choices, and anyone who is unhappy with theirs is free to make a change.  I'd never leave teaching for a corporate paycheck.  The soulcost is incalculable, right?  So I don't bitch about pay for myself.  I made my choice and I live happily (and modestly!) with it.  (I might add that I also have no children, and have no idea how I'd afford to)  The reason why Ken's point is valid is not because I want more money.  Of course i do.   It's because there is a genuine crisis in education:  overworked teachers quit, or go on to greener pastures, and leave their jobs to brand new (oftentimes wonderful), inexperienced college grads, who, it turn, get burned out and leave.  This is especially true in the inner city district where I work (Denver).  Turnover is stratospheric.  It's a miracle that so many of the quality teachers who have quit my school in the past 10 years have actually been replaced by good people.  If we don't pay teachers better, we'll simply have to watch as first inner-city and rural districts, then the rest, simply crumble.  We will become what republican fucktards have accused us of for years:  totally ineffective, a waste of taxpayer money, and ripe for elimination.  
    Lawyer guy, corporate guy, listen:  I don't want any sympathy for what I do or what I get paid.  I love my job so much I can't even tell you.  It's about having quality schools.  It's about our future as a nation.  And it matters to each and every one of us, weather you have kids in school or not.   So let's turn our attention away from what we "deserve" and towards what it will take to build better schools.

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