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  •  9 months of work? (4.00)
    Since school ended 3 weeks ago, I have spent 5 hours in my sweltering classroom doing the straightening and organizing that I can't possibly do during the school year.  I will start this week tweaking lesson plans, on average 5 hours a week for the rest of summer, along with going into the classroom 2 hours a week.

    During the school year, I arrive at school (a high school) at 6:15 and leave almost everyday between 3:30 and 4:00 (school ends at 2:45) because I am the Student Council Adviser.  I teach English, so I always have 2 hours of work at home, plus 5 on the weekends and that same amount during vacations.

    So, doing a little math, school is 42 weeks a year, for a cozy 65 hours/week = 2730 hours/school year.

    "Offtime" is usually 15 hours(non summer vacation) and 7 hours/week for the remaining 7 weeks = 64.  

    Tha gives me a grand total of 2794 hours a year.  My salary is a healthy $70K (great union representation plus a Masters).  That comes in at $25/hour.  Good, but far under what other professionals with similar education earn.

    I love my job, but is it incredibly time consuming, and people don't understand that.

    "America when will we end the human war?" - Allen Ginsberg

    by Teacher Toni on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 07:33:21 PM PDT

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