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View Diary: Republican Sen. Pat Roberts admits his Kansas 'residence' is a time-share in a La-Z-Boy (75 comments)

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  •  They must pay taxes from the Virginia address? (2+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, Jacob1145

    If her real estate business is there, and the house they own and presumably claim as their personal residence, the IRS considers Virginia their domicile, and presumably the state of Virginia does too. Does he release his tax returns?

    I agree this is a bad PR move -- although I understand that the other choice, leaving the family back home and sharing a frat house apartment with a bunch of other guys in DC during the week and flying home on weekends, could get pretty old pretty fast. (It also leaves a lot more room for various types of temptations, enough said.) So I understand how people end up in this position.


    •  Except that these stupid yo-yos make more than (1+ / 0-)
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      enough money to support two residences. After all, this is the Senate!
       I'm sure real estate prices in Kansas aren't exactly super pricey;and  this person could easily own one there and rent a nice apartment or home, if this cheap asshole didn't want to be a couch surfer and save money.
      With all of the perks a Senator gets, plus the steady stream of bribes by the lobbyists, there is NO REASON not for him to own a permanent residence in Kansas

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