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  •  It's chinook day! (20+ / 0-)

    HAPPY DANCE.  I am wearing SANDALS to celebrate.

    BTW, I will kosmail you more on my Seeds candidate later today.  #followingdirections

    It's time to start letting sleeping dinosaurs lie, lest we join them in extinction by our consumption of them.

    by Leftcandid on Sat Feb 08, 2014 at 06:47:52 AM PST

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    •  Thank you thank you thank you! (18+ / 0-)

      And yes, happy dance for warmth.

      Amazing how fast a blast of sunshine clears accumulated snow, even when it's far below freezing!

    •  we have a chinook-ish on the way, I think (5+ / 0-)

      Oregon-the-frozen has a high of 53 being forecast for Monday, TG! We have not ventured out on the suburban streets or anywhere else the last 3 days! Well, kiddo's been to the milk store on his bike a couple-three times, dad & I have kept close to home just trying to keep the carport in one piece! the 2x4 and 2x2 construction with the tarp roof works OK in wind and rain, mostly, when we get the drainage arranged JUST right, so it drains mostly immediately, but what is now 9 inches of snow, THAT it was NOT built for! we've had a couple of cracks, repaired one, took one section down, tarp is now released-of-tension so it shouldn't be holding ANYTHING, but I think the freezing-rain is still icing onto it. will be checking later in the day!

      the umbrella I put up over the hummingbird feeder is now sporting 4-5 inch icicles, that were about an inch and a half last night... my banana-leaf print looks so CUTE with "crystal" dangleys! I might just add some real ones later, 8-)

      Japanese maple is icing up... well, DOWN! branches that usually tip-out at 6 feet minimum are within a foot of the ground and I can almost see the coating of ice expanding! we are at a sort of balance point, right around 32, where things are just BARELY melting, but it's so cold they're freezing before they drop off!?? oh well, it's about 32 right now, 2pm, and going UP to 35 overnight, and will be above freezing, and raining, as far as the NOAA forecast goes!

      hope you all are seeing such hopeful weather.

      I'll be very interested to see how my brand new primroses, and the half-dozen items we did try to protect from the cold, come out of their wrappings -- several of them were pretty badly damaged by the 2 or 3 very-cold-sometimes-with-snow seiges we've had here since December (or maybe it was Thanksgiving when these interesting-nesses started?)

      We really do believe the "22-year cycle" thing about the weather... about 22 years ago we had a 2-foot plus snow for a week or two; about 20 years before that, there was a couple of weeks just out of college that had waist-high snow where I was at the time; and before that I would have been too little to remember! All in Oregon, in places where "it rains all winter, we only get snow every 3d or 4th year" which is the pattern I DO remember from when I was under-20-ish. Oh yeah, the just-out-of-college one probably corresponds to the year my husband remembers walking to school all spring and early summer in the shadow of the piled up snows (I was in Ashland OR, he was in Vancouver BC)

      "real" work : a job where you wash your hands BEFORE you use the bathroom...

      by chimene on Sat Feb 08, 2014 at 02:03:15 PM PST

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