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View Diary: NC -- Most massive moral rally in the South since Selma! (82 comments)

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  •  He is respectful of people of all faiths and (1+ / 0-)
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    Another Grizzle

    people without faith. I don't get your logic of not listening to preachers just because they're preachers. Does that apply to Rev. King or Rev. Jackson? If so, that's a little sad. The content should come first, not the background of who's saying it.

    •  I get your point, but MLK's (1+ / 0-)
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      Another Grizzle

      message was essentially political and not religious. Another Grizzle is clearly making the distinction between an eloquent call for justice and how that resonates with him/her and predominantly religious messages, which do not.

    •  being preacher often predicts some of content (1+ / 0-)
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      Heart of the Rockies

      Not always, but often enough to be difficult for me, preachers belittle or demonize people who are not Christian or do not otherwise conform to their idea of how a proper person should be. It is normal to prefer not to listen to oneself being slandered. My energy and emotional balance are healthier when I avoid, as far as possible, being in situations where I will hear someone saying that I am condemned to burn for eternity.
      In my comment I was trying to signal to others like me that Rev Barber is not that kind of preacher, and they might consider listening to his speech.

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