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View Diary: NC -- Most massive moral rally in the South since Selma! (82 comments)

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    Clogging streets and making speeches isn't enough.

    How will more voters vote...and vote for people and policies that don't harm their self-interest?

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      This march built on the Moral Monday movement, and it is a kickoff for a massive voter registration drive.

      Recently retired State Senator Ellie Kinnaird is also working hard on voter registration and GOTV.  See her organization at

      It will be hard to turn the state around in 2014. The decks are stacked against us with gerrymandering and redistricting. And the Democratic party here is not as organized and strong as we need it to be.

      However, we can make inroads and start the rebuilding process necessary. The Republicans are playing a short term losing game and they know it. They do not represent the majority of this state. That's why Pat McCrory and Art Pope are always trying to hide the right wing with moderate sounding words, even as they feed the crazies, quietly support right wing legislation, and work to destroy the state.

      Barber's strength is that he's drawing together the whole progressive movement under one tent--from teachers to gays to African Americans to Latinos to women to the progressive business community, many of whom feel that the state no longer represents the direction they want to take their companies.

      Make no mistake, Barber knows what he is doing.  These events boost the energy, harvest volunteers and build connections.

      The highest form of spiritual practice is self observation with compassion.

      by NCJim on Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 02:13:09 PM PST

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