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  •  The primary beneficiaries of the price (2+ / 0-)
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    benamery21, 6412093

    differential are the owners / operators of refineries in the Midwest / Great Lakes region (e.g., the Koch Brothers as evidenced by their huge piles of "PetKoch" in Detroit and Chicago).

    If one were to strictly "follow the money" to figure out who might not want the KXL built, they'd be prime suspects.

    At least in the short term.   In a few years when their investments in the production side of things start to come on line, the pipeline will probably be of greater value to them.   Because gawd forbid they'd have to use rail to get their product out - as pipeline people, that would certainly rankle them.  And since a major beneficiary of the boom in rail transport is the Obama supporter Warren Buffet, that would surely doubly, or maybe even triply, rankle them.

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