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View Diary: First gun show accident of 2014 continues avg. 1-per-month streak into 3rd year: GunFAIL LVII (150 comments)

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  •  5000 automobile deaths (3+ / 0-)
    But automobile deaths are approaching 5000? And this is what; OK, Cool, unavoidable, the price of personal transportation?
    I can't imagine what sort of clever trap you imagine you've set here.

    Yes, of course the social cost of automobile deaths is offset by the massive, quantifiable social good of millions of people being able to convey themselves from one place to another to earn a living and experience a larger world. Absolutely, hands down, no question. What social good is it that we're paying for that offsets the lives wasted by gun violence and gun accidents, exactly? All ears.

    As well, you may have missed the decades of automobile safety legislation and billions of dollars of investment in automobile safety technology that corporations have voluntarily poured into minimizing accidental death by automobile. Contrast this with the gun industry's stance that any such initiatives in the firearm space start a slide down a slippery slope and you can see where your equivalency begins to crumble a bit.

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