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  •  Two nights ago, the dog went off on it's own. (2+ / 0-)
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    Tom Seaview, gerrilea

    Thank DOG no one died.

    Just a little after 1:30am, our mid-sized, wannabe Rottweiler started barking.  
    (I'ze teh same colors as a Rotty, so I'ze must be one)

    I woke from the couch, "watching the Olympics", which is right by the door.
    I observed a male of indeterminate age, trying to break into our car, by beating on the window.
    I opened the door, and he ran-off, out of the parking lot.

    From experience, I didn't bother to call the police.

    a) no crime was committed in their eyes.
    Criminal Trespass on Posted property?  Sure, but not enough to send a car.

    b) no item of value was damaged or taken.  Only an attempt.
    Not enough to send a car, or take a report.

    c) No positive ID of the suspect was made.  Parka, knit hat, gloves. 100% match for everyone in the state.
    Not enough to send a car... or take a report.

    Was this a Defensive Dog Use?
    Was anyone bitten?  IF not, it's an bullshit DDU.

    Did the dog discharge, endangering the community?
    Should my Right to Keep and Feed Dogs, be restricted due to my inability to produce a blood-soaked pant leg?
    The Police would certainly take your dog if there WAS a blood-soaked pant leg.

    Shouldn't civilian possession of dogs be restricted or banned outright?  
    As I an incapable of saying that I'm 100% certain, by continual observation, that my spouse didn't in-concert, or by malice, obtain property with, or from that person.
    Leaving that property in her car, isn't this person a likely victim, not a perpetrator?

    Did my dog, by barking, cause undue psychological harm to my neighbors, or this person? (who may of course be innocent, while my spouse is guilty)

    Isn't the presence of a dog in the house 88 times more likely to injure or kill one of your own family?

    Shouldn't I surrender my dog to the authorities?

    I should I contact a victim advocacy in town, and see if anyone reported being victimized by a dog and owner at 1:30am on Wednesday?

    Isn't it time?  
    Isn't it long past time we removed these dogs from the home?

    Trained dogs and trained owners belong in the Police Department ONLY.

    I'M calling Senator Feinstein.  Enough is enough.
    We need an executive order... and a repeal of the Right to Keep and Feed Dogs.

    Next:  Ferrets.

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