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View Diary: First gun show accident of 2014 continues avg. 1-per-month streak into 3rd year: GunFAIL LVII (150 comments)

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  •  Ozy, my reply is below. (3+ / 0-)
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    Tom Seaview, gerrilea, Kasoru

    "Two nights ago..." a true story.

    I live in a "gun-friendly state".
    With un-gun-friendly police.

    Community Policing Officer, October 2011:

    Crime being committed?
    Take a still photo of the person committing the crime.
    Try to get a real good facial image.

    Do not videotape, as that requires consent of all parties, particularly if there is audio.
    If you present video, we may be back to arrest you.
    No option, we enforce the law equally.

    Be CERTAIN the person "committing the crime" has NO business being there/doing so.

    Display or use a firearm, or other weapon, we will make an arrest.  You can plead Castle or SYG in court.  
    That is after your incarceration without bond, after we confiscate your weapon(s) and ransack your house.

    Your job, your only job.  Be a good victim, get a useable photograph, and turn the evidence over to us.
    WE are the cops.  NOT you.  

    IF you plead Castle or SYG, and we can get the right Judge to vacate that and direct a conviction?
    The law our Boss's Boss* HATES is DEAD.  Goal #1.
    ALL guns out of civilian hands?  Goal #2.

    One day you'll thank us.

    Us cops doing what we want, without fear, without judicial interference?  New Goal #1.

    He found himself arrested not too many months later.
    Seems he didn't wait long-enough for new goal #1 to become law.

    *The Boss of the Chief of Police, would be the city politicians.

    •  Reply to what? (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not clear as to what point you're trying to make regarding the previous analysis.

      You can't take video recordings without consent? I find that highly unlikely. If your police are this misinformed, you've got a big problem, completely unrelated to guns.

      Considering how this, and your dog anecdote seem to be pretty large deviations from the topic of DGU external validation, perhaps you would be better served to start a discussion branch of your own.

      •  Dog or gun, if there isn't a body (3+ / 0-)
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        gerrilea, Kasoru, andalusi

        in a morgue or in a hospital?
        IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.  

        Statistically speaking.  
        Everything else is either an 'anecdote' or a complete fabrication.
        a/k/a right wing meme/bald face lie/NRA talking-point

        Of course, more bodies is directly pertinent to the GunFail diaries, and cause for a complete and total civilian gun ban.

        •  What didn't happen? (0+ / 0-)

          You're not making any sense.

          Are you seriously trying to equate 32 deaths per year from dog bites, mostly from pit bulls, and 30,000 deaths per year from guns, mostly hand guns?

          Are you suggesting that since some jurisdictions ban pit bulls that, since guns are a thousand times more deadly, that perhaps we should consider banning hand guns as well?

          Seems like you're a bit ahead of the curve as far as gun bans go, but if you want to take up that goal, then have at it.

          If you have some other point, I'm afraid I'm not able to discern it from your writings.

          •  Ozy, there's a game called gun statistics (2+ / 0-)
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            Kasoru, andalusi

            I used my real-time dog incident as an "anecdote" in your words.

            As far as the effectiveness of owning a dog goes?
            She didn't bite anyone, so...
            there wasn't a "dog incident" per State statistics.
            No incident recorded?  
            It never happened - statistically.

            So, let's examine the DGU statistics.

            1) someone needs to be shot, for it to be a statistic.

            2) if someone isn't shot, yet a gun is discharged, it's reckless endangerment.  
            A crime against the whole community.
            Endangering the welfare of your children.
            The very essence of GunFail diaries.

            3) if a gun is displayed, and not fired, it's criminal threatening with a firearm.  "Menacing" is how it's codified in some States.

            There's a common meme expressed:
            "Non-discharge firearm displays are really the criminal threatening of innocent people mistakenly in a given location, with or without permission."

            Exactly the reasoning given by my local PD, when my spouse interrupted someone removing her property from her car last year.

            "HOW do you KNOW they weren't just mistaken?  Your car looks like 100 others in town."
            Her reply:
            Oh, I don't know.  Burglar tools used instead of a key?  Instead of knocking on the door at 4:00 AM:  
            "Hey, I'm here for that iPod, iGo charger, and $8 in toll change you advertised as free-to-a-good-home on Craigslist."

            She was told not to be a smart-ass.  Don't call if you don't have a photo of them in-commission, and a license plate of their car.  We have important police work to do, and dealing with petty-ante crap isn't it.

            To your use of statistics:

            Are you seriously trying to equate 32 deaths per year from dog bites, mostly from pit bulls, and 30,000 deaths per year from guns, mostly hand guns?
            Your "30,000 deaths" includes a majority which are suicides.
            As we're a gun-loving country, that would put us at the top of international suicide rates per-capita.
            More guns = more suicides.

            WHO statistics:
            US ranked 33, though to be honest, that's before the uptick in middle-aged/wiped-out-of-my-investments, and veteran suicides.  I'd slide us up to 21, even with Finland.  
            5.5 million Finns, own 1.6 million guns.
            Average of 2 persons, per household.
            5.5 million divided by 2, is 2.75 million.
            That 2.75 million applied against 1.6 million firearms is 58%.

            Of course, Finland doesn't limit you to 1 gun per household, so the 58% figure is off by an undetermined percentage.

            US, per Gallup:
            47% report gun ownership.

            I'd say that's comparable, and why I'd anchor US suicide statistics to Finland's.  
            Neither of which breaks the top 20, nor the top 10, nor #1 in suicide rate per 100,000 persons.
            But... but... the GUNZ.

            Here's a recent article from the
            NY Times, never one to shy away from blaming guns.
            The NY Times fails to mention the huge uptick in US firearm ownership ratios.  
            Fails to mention the Republican/RW/NRA spew about needing MORE GUNZ as causative.  
            Fails to say, or infer that the real issue is the guns, only the guns, and quite frankly?
            THE GUNS.

            NO GUNS = NO SUICIDES.

            You'd think that would be a concise, easy to set type-for, conclusion.

            As to me being ahead of the curve on gun bans?
            No.  I failed to bookmark the one Kossack who had the nerve to say:
            Eventually they're all gone.  One by one, Assault Weapons today, handguns tomorrow.
            Rifles, then shotguns, until civilian gun ownership is relegated to a thing of the past.

            While I disagreed with the intent, I tipped for honesty.

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