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View Diary: AOL CEO Reverses Benefit Cuts (46 comments)

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    1. Yes, AOL does self-insure.

    2. ACA removed the lifetime benefit caps, hence the cost being born by AOL now. If they haven't used reinsurance in the past (the 10-k doesn't say anything and I haven't been able to find financials for the plan yet), they probably will now, but in any event that's marginal cost directly attributable to the ACA.

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      My friend had a terribly expensive illness. Her husband went to his HR department to ask if it was messing up the company. The HR person told him, "Don't worry about it. We're self-insured but our reinsurance kicked in. Hope your wife gets better."

      In this case, the employer happens to be a non-profit childrens' hospital, FWIW.

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