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View Diary: Must-Read Update! Plame Leak Exposed Brewster Jennings Asset on Oil, WMD (162 comments)

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    Brewster Jennings was a person. He founded Mobil.

    Brewster-Jennings and Associates was a front company no one appears to know mnuch about. It had an address with no offices. Its only employee on record was Victor Brewster, who no one can find.

    So this diary is LARGELY based on the connection between Mobil Oil's Brewster Jennings, the person, and the almost non-existent Brewster-Jennings and Associates, the company.

    There's only problem, there is zero evidence of a connection other than the name and when you take into account that the CIA or whoever filed the info with Bradstreet, they made it quite clear that the name comes from two guys, Victor Brewster and partner Jennings.

    Get it? Two last names that have nothing to do with Mr Mobil.

    There is no fucking credible evidence of a connection with the founder of Mobil oil. So about 90% of this diary is built upon a false premise.

    I'm sorry to rain on you guys parade, but you really should put a big fucking DISCLAIMER when re-posting bullshit from From the Wilderness.

    Now, if it turns out later that there is a connection with Mr Jennings company, I'll be thrilled. But until the evidence makes that clear, please edit or delete this diary to reflect some semblense of reality.

    •  Thanks for the comment, I will reflect it. (none)
      I said Brewster Jennings Asset in the title, not Brewster Jennings.  Nothing against Mr. Jennings, honest.  It was the CIA that used his name.

      I do admit the reader not familiar with this may think the original Mr. Jennings had something to do with all this at first, given the way the beginning of the FTW article starts, but as you read the whole thing it becomes clear the CIA just stole his name for that Front Operation and to work more smoothly with ARAMCO.  I will add a note to the Diary Entry.

      Plus as I point out downthread, the White House itself has admitted that Brewster Jennings and Associates was a CIA Front, as reported by the NYT, the WP, Knight-Ridder, the Boston GLobe and others.  They even talk about the damage done to other agents and operations beyond Plame.

      So it's not FTW making that link.  The only thing FTW adds are the connections ARAMCO is known to have and the countries they are operating in.  Plus the scuttlebutt report that Tenet and Pavitt resigned because they were cooperating with Fitzgerald--something the MSM would never report.  

      Given that the MSM have reported that Brewster Jennings Associates is a front, the rest is public knowledge about ARAMCO and some intel scuttlebutt on the Grand Jury and Tenet resigning.

      •  Regardless of the specifics... (3.60)
        ...I think each of us should take a deep breath before we decide to base diaries exclusively on a report by Wayne Madsen.

        I love where his heart is and he sure seems to want the same guys we all loathe stuffed into a prison cell, but he's got a rather nutty reputation and anytime somebody quotes from "Online Journal" - a news magazine that openly refers to Rove as "Turd Blossom" - we're not exactly talking by-the-book reporting. The guy, unfortunately for our side, makes Ed Klein look like Seymour Hersh as far as journalism goes.

        The way we started to win the DSM angle was to continually alert the media to what was verifiable and push them to cover the details which sprang from what was verifiable.

        We've got enough verifiable stuff on the table already to make a media push. But going around quoting Wayne Madsen is going to give the wingnuts a lot of ammo against us.

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but I read this report last night and dismissed it out of hand. Not because I believe BushCo is incapable of that sort of evil, but because the story itself ain't gonna help us that much.

        •  Don't be surprised if Dean's next (none)
          I agree with this comment. This guy always comes up with incredible stories, and while they may contain some credible information, they usually have some that can be easily proven wrong as well. I take anything he says with a grain of salt and I never consider it factually accurate just because he said it.

          As an example, he was pushing disproven right-wing conspiracy theories about Clinton that went far off the edge of reality (I mean so far off that I doubt any Clinton skeptics here would believe they were true.) If he goes after guilty Democrats, then I would applaud him, but he seems to subscribe to the theory that they're all guilty until proven innocent. Thus, don't be surprised if he's going after Howard Dean, or whoever your favorite politician may be, next.

          I don't really have a problem with printing this information here, but we should be careful about accepting it as truthful without hard evidence. I don't know enough about this story to say it's untrue, but I will point out that there are very few people in the world with fortunes in the "tens of billions", so who exactly is he referring to when claiming that some of Bush's business associates are worth this much? Bill Gates? Warren Buffett? I know this may be picky, but it's a glaring problem to me. And although it's not big enough for me to discount the story, I'm willing to bet that there are many fabrications here.

          Democrats -- Progress for the Working Class

          by rogun on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 09:17:17 PM PDT

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          •  Wish I could delete comments.... (none)
            Please excuse the above comment. I wasn't paying attention and thought we were talking about Michael Ruppert, who publishes -- the source of the first story within the block. I don't know anything about Wayne Madsen, but my comment still stands for Ruppert.

            I know I should've checked better before posting, but I'm having to work on an old laptop because my network is down due to lightning. Because it's slow, has a dim screen, and uncomfortable to hold, I'm trying to spend as little time as possible online. So please excuse me for not checking this time.

            Democrats -- Progress for the Working Class

            by rogun on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 09:31:41 PM PDT

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      •  ARAMCO (none)
        The Arabian-American Oil Company's merger of Rocekefellor interests with  Sauds has shaped foreign polcy for decades.

        Standard Oil of New Jersey, SOCAL(Standard CALI) are part of this group.

        Plame did some publicity for a front that was into their dealings.

        Cheney and Condi Rice saw to it that she was outed they had the most vested interest with Oil industry.

        We were getting too close to Bush Bandar for their linkings, as the Sauds were doing an agressive expansion policy into Africa across the Red Sea Gulf resulting in genocide(Sudan,Chad,Somalia,Ethiopia).

        Say what you want about Madsen he did recieve security clearance and usually does best with on the ground entry level and analyst level information.

    •  EXACTL:Y!!! (none)
      That's what I've been thinking about. The proposed connection is too thin. It's way spacious.

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