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  •  Hey, molly...don't talk about fat, old, 62 yr old (25+ / 0-)

    women!  We're the salt of the Earth, and worth every plump, pleasantly mellowed, mature and aged-to-perfection  ounce we possess.  (OK, I admit it...I may be a teensy bit biased.)  Lol.

    I have obsessed and been depressed about my weight for most of my entire life.  Despite the fact that:  many (ok, some) men found me attractive and seeked out my company for dates over the years (I figured something must be wrong with them to ask ME out); I married a wonderful man who loves me as madly as I love him; and, my family and friends have always valued me for who I am and not what I look like.  Still, my self-concept remained at rock bottom.

    Until at about age 50, I went out with friends for an evening of fun, and as I was dancing and having a hilarious time, I looked around the room at all of the drop-dead gorgeous women who were sitting as wall-flowers at the tables and all of the not-so-perfect women like myself who were up having a blast.  It took that revelation to make me  finally comprehend that LOOKS truly don't matter.  Some people will always find SOMETHING to justify doing and saying mean things to make themselves feel superior.  No matter how physically attractive a person may be, someone can always find a different characteristic to find fault with.  I realized then that I am a wonderful person, and if anyone rejects me due to my looks, they are the ones who have lost out, not me.

    I am now slowly losing weight because I want to live a healthier life--not because I want to look like Barbie.  I am no longer depressed, and am truly happy with myself the way I am.  Yippee!!!

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